Awakening the Magi

''Objective:'' Obtain the assistance of The Eight Arch Mages of the Oasis


*To Maegorad

*Into the Aoka Forest

To get help the must get the votes of at least all of them. Tassi will call for a meeting of the arch mages.

In order of most likely to vote to intervene:

*Illusion – Tassi Silus the Strange –  Loronith
*Evocation – Arwel, Lady of ChaosMaegorord Mountains Dungeon
*Abjuration – Omael the WiseThe Great Alder Forest Dungeon
*Conjuration – Veil DawncasterThe Hills of Kolhm 
*Enchantment – Kaga Miko – Infernal The Northern Prarie
*Transmutation – Vyncis DrysonThe Southern Desert

Awakening the Magi

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