History of Cenos

''The History of Cenos''

''The First Age''

During the first age the world of Cenos was dominated by the Kingdoms of Old. It lasted approximately 5000 years. Not much is remembered from before then. The Children of The Third (people with magical abilities) and the non magics coexisted in peace and harmony in worship of “The Great Family” They built great feats of architecture and created a great civilization. After some time they non magics became fearful of the Children of the Third's powers. Under the rule of Tyranuss the Wise, this kingdom launched an inquisition against those with a magical affinity and war broke out. This war was called The Great Divide. Magic users were forced into exile and the new kingdoms were formed. Thus dawned the second age

''The Second Age'' (Present Setting)

Within The Fertile Crescent the The [Megálos Republic]] was established. This republic is dominated by humans, dwarves, and gnomes, though you can find members of all races within this civilization. Innovation, law, and trade are paramount in this culture. The capital, [[Megálos]], is the greatest city ever constructed and is central to this world. Magic is outlawed and is punishable by death. 

Outside the fertile crescent lie the Linyenwa Kingdoms. These are self governing kingdoms that stretch across much of the Great Oasis. The Elven houses make up much of these “kingdoms” along with the independent cities of men, the goliath clans, the Faerie Kingdoms and more. People here tend to be very apprehensive of magic users and Children of the Third are often prosecuted. 

In the far north east lies [[Úro]], a desolate wasteland where the powerful rule. Currently the Drell rule over the dark elves, orcs, and changelings. Very few outsiders have traveled here and returned to tell the tales of this terrible place. 


Since the dawn of the second age magic is generally distrusted and often considered a capital offense. 99.9% of people in the Great Oasis have never witnessed any type of magical event. Many believe magic to be extinct. 


History of Cenos

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